#7: Welcome to Arcadia

What’s an assassin to do when a demon rips out his heart? Move to the most strangest city in the country and kill monsters, of course!

Featuring two new stories by Brendan Flaherty, Welcome to Arcadia (Geek Force Five #7) continues the tale of Benjamin S. Marshall, now in the employ of the Grim Reaper, and introduces Anna, a witch who’s finding magic pretty hard to come by on the night that a werewolf wanders into her life and makes a right mess of things.

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#6: The Stone Wife

“The Stone Wife,” a short story by Bethany Snyder, tells the tale of a rainy day gone wrong. When nobody shows up for Danny's little league practice, he follows a strange kid named Kevin into the creepy cemetery across the street in search of an adventure that Danny isn't ready for, unaware of grave consequences he can't imagine.

This volume also features a bonus story by editor E. Christopher Clark, “One Player or Two?” That yarn is all about a college freshman named Evan and his father, who shared his obsession with an outdated video game that none of Evan’s family or friends can comprehend.

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#5: Hello

“Hello,” a short story by Brendan Flaherty, introduces Benjamin S. Marshall, an assassin who will work for anyone, so long as the cash is good. Feared and respected by both the mob and its enemies, he seems a nigh invincible figure until a curse from his days serving in the U.S. military comes back to haunt him.

This volume also features “The Way Back Down,” by E. Christopher Clark, a tale of a lost sister found and her quest to get back to the strange underground civilization from whence she came. 

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#4: Beneath Metal and Bone

In “Beneath Metal and Bone,” a short story by Ilana Wilson, war rages between human settlers and the native people of a distant planet. Among those natives, nature spirits who now inhabit robots rather than trees or water or air, is one who refuses to choose sides. And she, along with a ragtag group of humans, is trying to escape the fray before it’s too late. Of course, nothing happens exactly as planned.

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#3: Found & Lost

A collection of five short stories, including the winner of 2011 io9.com Environmental Writing Contest!

In “Beneath It All” by Holly Day, a worm rustles through dry leaves as a man contemplates the end of his world; in “Carbon” by Jef Cozza, a scientist discovers a way to turn back the apocalypse; in “The Game of Memory” by Thomas Kearnes, cousins play a game of Memory where the cards turn out to be more than twin suns and puppy dogs; in “Blackfriars” by Naomi Elster, the city of London is consumed by madness; and, in “Memento” by Maria Herring, a woman wakes to find her living room destroyed and her boyfriend gone, with no memory of how it happened.

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#2: Demons & Dandelions

A collection of five short stories with art by two-time Pushcart Prize and Kentucky Poet Laureate nominee Sheri L. Wright!

In “Dandelion Girl” by Caren Gussoff, we meet a girl who can afford to change history; in “Dracula” by Mark Mazzenga, we meet a modern Dracula who isn’t a vampire in any traditional sense; in “Jean Genie” by Anna Tizard, something strange is born of a bar of soap; in “Womb Envy” by S. MacLeod, we get a tale of murder, corpse removal, and scary movies; and, in “Ideal Reader” by Jake Walters, a writer learns to be careful what he holds onto and what he casts aside.

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#1: Ghosts & Golems

A collection of five short stories, including one by Hugo and Nebula Award Winner James Patrick Kelly!

In Kelly’s “Happy Ending 2.0,” we get a wife-swap involving time travel; in “Your Guide to Becoming a Computer Technician” by Todd T. Castillo, we get a guide to surviving the dangerous world of computer repair; in “When You Hear This Sound” by Sam Verrall, we learn of an audio tape that might just drive us mad; in “Emma’s Cup of Tea” by Heather Chrisler, we hear tell of a trade we might not want to make; and, in “A Husband’s Hobby” by Jon Arthur Kitson, we get golems, golems, and more golems!

This issue also features a cover by Luke Spooner.

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