Geek Force Five

Geek Force Five is a journal of genre fiction for mere mortals and crazed geeks alike. After experiments with quarterly and monthly formats, we now publish annually.


  1. Ghosts & Golems
  2. Demons & Dandelions
  3. Found & Lost
  4. Beneath Metal and Bone
  5. Hello
  6. The Stone Wife
  7. Welcome to Arcadia
  8. Geek Force Five: 2015

Submissions Guidelines

We’re looking for genre fiction that is accessible to the general reader, as well as stories about geeks surviving the horrors of the mundane world. Science fiction, fantasy, horror, western, romance, or any other genre you can think of—we welcome it all.

70% of the profits from the issue are split between the authors whose work appears in that issue. We publish in print and on all major eBook platforms. Please read an issue or two before submitting, then submit to us through

Though we accept submissions throughout the year, we do most of our reading from June through August.