Top 10 Must-Happen 90s Reunions

Topping Wonderwall’s list of “The 10 ‘90s Reunions We Want To See” is the gift to mankind that was Full House. Other honorees include Saved by the Bell, Baywatch, Clueless, In Living Color, and *NSYNC.

Of their #1 pick, Wonderwall writes:

The E! True Hollywood Story of Full House could be a movie in and of itself. Between the Olsen twins coming of age in the tabloids, Bob Saget’s move to creepster comedy, John Stamos’ inability to age, and Dave Coulier being the d-bag boyfriend from “You Oughta Know,” this cast has remained nothing less than fascinating since they moved out of the Tanner household.

Have they made an episode of The E! True Hollywood Story on Full House yet? Can I get that on DVD or Hulu?