Last Week on Lost: Something Nice Back Home

Teasing tonight’s episode for Entertainment Weekly‘s Doc Jensen, Lost executive producer Damon Lindelof says, “Nothing like a good jungle trek to give Locke and Ben a chance to discuss the notion of fate—and even Jacob weighs in on the topic.”

As I’ve said before, I’m not a huge fan of John Locke right now. But any episode which features Ben in a prominent role is going to be a good one. So, thank you Mr. Lindelof for getting me a wee bit more excited than I was before. Today’s going to be a long day, but I’ll definitely be staying up for this one.

In the meantime, here (below the fold) are some of my thoughts on last week’s episode, “Something Nice Back Home,” which I re-watched on the bus ride into work this morning (all the while trying to ignore my laptop’s inability to keep the video and audio in sync while on battery power).

Jack’s Appendix

Jack is sick. Why? I understand why—Rose tell us, basically—but, really, why? I’m not sure that I understand the motivation behind giving him an illness as a plot device. Sure, it nicely mirrors what’s happening in the flash-forward, and it gives the writers an excuse to put Juliet and Kate into a couple of uncomfortable situations together, but it still feels pretty forced to me.

Does Jack know what Rose knows? He’s not a man of faith, but he’s got to know that people don’t generally get sick here. What does he think about that? We don’t get a lot of insight from him on this point. I’m hoping for a little more tonight, but I’m not expecting much.

And, speaking of Rose and Bernard, Luhks’s review of this episode makes an excellent point about the island’s most happily married couple. Luhks points out that “In many ways, this couple represents the heart of the show: literally, they demonstrate a successful marriage between a man of science and a woman of faith. Their exchange in this episode highlights their difference of perspectives, but it also speaks volumes of deeper significance about the overall storyline.”

Anyway, just some food for thought.

Some other stuff on this score:

  • Juliet as leader. Now that they have Dan and Charlotte to worry about, they’re not questioning having an ex-Other giving orders.
  • Dan is the voice of the audience. Charlotte says something bitchy and he finally calls her on it.
  • Faraday has a crush on Charlotte? Who was he with at beginning of episode two? Not his wife, obviously.
  • Jin gets to be a badass because charlotte knows Korean. Yay for Jin! At least he gets to be a bad ass before he kicks it.
  • Juliet’s dilemma: She’s in love with a man who’s in love with someone else. Jules also beginning to like Kate, which makes their confrontations even more juicy.
  • Soooo glad that they actually use Bernard in a situation where he would absolutely be used.

A Little Ditty About Jack and Katherine

It’s Kate’s house all the way, even before we see her, even before Jack steps on the Millenium Falcon. It’s way too spacious to be Jack’s place. Some of the landmarks from “Eggtown” are there. I would have figured this out before Kate stepped out of the shower, even if I hadn’t read spoilers ahead of time.

  • And now, we have Kate and Jack all up in each other’s business, huh? Well, we know this ain’t ending well.
  • It’s interesting about Lost‘s structure that we know things are going to end badly here, yet the story is still compelling.
  • As others have observed, Jack is reading to himself more than he’s reading to Aaron.
  • “You’re not supposed to raise him, Jack.”—This is coming from Charlie, who never knew his boundaries when it came to Aaron when he was alive, so should we really trust him?
  • The White Rabbit (Jack’s dad) appears again.
  • Kate asks him to trust her. She doesn’t try to lie her way out of it, except maybe the night before.
  • She’s doing something for “him”—maybe the him from last season’s finale really is Sawyer. Maybe Sawyer is alive off of the island and back home.
  • Kate is calling/meeting with Cass and Clementine (Cass and Sawyer’s kid)—my theory
  • “You’re not even related to him”—Jack’s accusation suggests that Jack knows he is related. And that he doesn’t find out until Claire is dead/gone… that’s really going to fuck a guy up.

Sawyer and Claire

  • Sawyer is all big-brother to Claire now, huh? The restraining order he gives Miles is amusing.
  • How did anyone survive Smokey’s attack? This is interesting.
  • Claire calls Christian “Dad.” That was a little weird.
  • Miles’s line about the restraining order at the end is funny, but misplaced. When watching it with family over the weekend, we were all still kind of laughing about Miles when the impact of Claire being gone and Aaron being alone hit us. And that made that story beat weaker than it should have been.
  • Still… Sawyer holding the baby at the end of the show is a telling moment… Jack, even when he’s reading to Aaron in the future, maintains a certain distance. Sawyer (on the island) and Kate (in the future) are the two to actually hold the baby.