Bill Birch and Geoff Johns Say SHAZAM!

The Fawcett Comics version of Captain Marvel is all about wish-fulfillment for little boys, isn’t it? All that kid Billy Batson has to do is shout “Shazam!” and all of a sudden he’s this totally bad-ass Superman clone. Isn’t that what every comic book reading kid dreams of, that they’re only a magic word away from becoming a superhero?

Well, apparently the quest to bring Shazam! to the big screen (it can’t be called Captain Marvel because, well, Marvel Comics has their own Captain Marvel, and there’s all sorts of legal bullshit involved) has apparently been a quest fraught with disappointment. Ain’t It Cool News reports that the pair of Bill Birch and Geoff Johns will be the sixth and seventh writers to try and tackle the screenplay for the film. Newsarama also has a nice write-up.

What do you guys think about Shazam! as a movie? Is there any reason in particular that you think it’s been so hard to adapt?