Stop Motion LEGO Music Video

According to their Website, Swedish pop band Rymdreglage has been together for five years without very many people discovering who they are. This video for their song “8-Bit Trip” seems to have changed all of that. It’s the result of 1500 hours of stop motion LEGO photography and it’s completely and utterly bad-ass.

The song and video are a tribute to 8-bit video gaming of course, but the fact that they use LEGO, that ubiquitous building block of my childhood, is what really does it for me. I was having a sad moment yesterday, thinking about an old friend who was missing from a series of wedding photos I was looking at on Facebook. He died a few years ago, quite unexpectedly as I recall. But watching the results of these guys playing with LEGO for 1500 hours brought that old friend back to me for four minutes. It made me remember the many days we spent playing Nintendo in his basement during our middle school years, and it made me remember the giant LEGO cities that were erected down there from time to time, too. And all of that, of course, made me smile.

What say you, Fivers? Is this video insane, or what?