August Apple Awesomeness

This Friday, August 28, Mac OS X 10.6, aka Snow Leopard, will be released to the world. It’ll cost just $29 for people who are upgrading from the previous version of Mac OS X, and it’s apparently going to be a pretty bad-ass update. Mac Rumors has overview of some of the new features, and TUAW has both a guide to upgrading and a poll asking users which feature they are most looking forward to.

But Snow Leopard is not the only thing going on in Apple Land. There is also news that Steve Jobs is devoting nearly all of his time to the fabled Apple Tablet, that Apple is planning to keep its cheaper white plastic MacBooks around, and that EA Games is bringing popular old board games such as Clue and Life to the iPhone.

Add to all of that the release of two new Get a Mac ads (one featuring The Tick himself, Patrick Warburton) and you have one happy Apple fanatic named Chris.