Kevin Smith Rewrites Script for Cancer Survivor

I’ve said recently that Kevin Smith is no longer my favorite filmmaker. He remains among my top 10, but he’s no longer #1. That said, he remains one of my favorite human beings. This story, from Echo Press by way of News Askew, is a perfect example of why.

Cody Saurdiff, a cancer survivor and a kid who “pretty much grew up around doctors,” is a big Kevin Smith fan. Thanks to the folks at the Make-A-Wish Foundation, he was granted access to Smith and to the director’s latest film project, tentatively titled A Couple of Dicks. But Kevin Smith did more than just meet and greet the kid.

The Saurdiffs were amazed to learn that Smith had rewritten part of the script to accommodate a part for Cody.

In the scene, Cody plays a teenage student driver who hits [Bruce] Willis with a car. Although it would be a 20-second scene, the Saurdiffs spent eight hours on the set.

After he was done filming, Cody got out of the car and the film crew gave him a standing ovation.

“They took a shining to Cody,” said his proud dad. “They loved this kid. He was holding cameras and everything. They couldn’t do enough.”

“Everyone there was super nice,” Cody agreed.

When the filming wrapped up, a satisfied, overwhelmed Cody expected to shake hands and say goodbye.

Then it got even better.

I’m not sure if A Couple of Dicks will be any good, or not. Nobody’s even sure whether it’ll be called A Couple of Dicks by the time it hits theaters. But what I am sure of is that I’ll be looking out for the film debut of Cody Saurdiff when I see it, and that I’ll be thinking about how awesome this bit of backstory is.