Music Video for “Nikita Says Love” by The Pluto Tapes

If there is any band I’m obsessed with as much as Nine Inch Nails, it’s my friend Andy Hicks’s one-man-band The Pluto Tapes. Maybe a little of that is because I was in a band with the man back in the day and got to experience his skillz first-hand, but the better part of why I think The Pluto Tapes are a great act has to do with the sheer amount of fun I have listening to him/them.

That’s why I’m so excited to share with you the world premiere of the first ever—at least to my knowledge—music video from The Pluto Tapes. It’s for a song from his/their album Dead Planets Tell No Tales (available on iTunes and wherever fine digital music is sold), and it’s called “Nikita Says Love.” I’d describe it for you, but any description I give is going to pale in comparison to experiencing the real thing. So, watch the embed above and dance a little, and laugh a little, then report back here.