Weird Puppet Master Dude from HEROES to Appear on LOST

David H. Lawrence’s Eric Doyle remains one of my favorite Heroes villains, and I’ve grown quite fond of the actor thanks to his Twitter stream and his appearances on Geek Brief TV. So, I’m more than a little giddy to learn that this fine fellow will be appearing on Lost during season six. Here’s the scoop, direct from his Twitter page:

And gave me the part. I’m gonna be on #LOST, muthafucka. One episode to start, maybe more. Headed to Hawaii Monday, on hold for three weeks.

This guy is good, and he certainly seems excited. Awesome, no?

P.S. I’m digging the ABC House promos that ABC are putting out. Have you seen ‘em yet? Here’s one with Ben and Sawyer from Lost welcoming the new characters from ABC’s comedy Wednesday.