Apple’s Photo Booth App Helps Recover Stolen Laptop

The Unofficial Apple Weblog broke this story on Friday, the New York Times followed up on Saturday, and I’ve been laughing about it all weekend long.

Apparently, Kait Duplaga, an employee of the Westchester, NY Apple Store, used Apple’s “Back to My Mac” service, in combination with the popular Photo Booth application, to snap a picture of the morons who stole her laptop but didn’t think to reformat the thing.

“Back to My Mac,” in case you’re not familiar, is part of the Apple’s .Mac servce which allows a user to control their computer remotely from any other .Mac enabled machine. Photo Booth, for the uninitiated, is an application which uses the Mac’s built-in camera to snap pictures of the people standing or sitting in front of it. If you see lots of teenaged mallrats hanging out at your local Apple retail outlet, Photo Booth is probably what they’re there for.

Ms. Duplaga used these two applications to snap photos of the culprits, which she then delivered to the police. The culprits, who, according to the deputy commissioner of public safety in White Plains, “were arrested last year on a felony marijuana possession charge” are not “career criminals.” And I think that’s probably a pretty darned good thing. Seriously, dudes, if you’re going to steal laptops for a living, you better be up-to-date on what they can do. Otherwise, just roll yourself a couple joints, listen to some Afroman, and fix yourself a plate of brownies.