Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic Trailer Delivers the Suck

So, this is what a motion comic looks like? Consider me sick to my stomach.

It turns out that a motion comic is a far worse crime against nature than I’d initially anticipated. It is not just Ken Burns-style pan-and-zoom job. No, no, no. Mouths and bodies move slightly, like a pale imitation of the moving photographs in the Harry Potter films. Terrible voice acting is involved, too. And now, they’re not just doing this with new books: they’re bringing classic tales into this new format, as well.

The trailer available here is for a motion comics adaptation of the first story arc of Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men, which I’m on record as adoring. And I just can’t stand what they’ve done to it. This is a travesty, man. It’s just plain horrible.

What do you guys think of motion comics? Have you experienced a whole one? I’ve just seen the trailer for one, but that’s enough for me.