Smule and T-Pain Bring an Auto-Tune App to the iTunes App Store

I know that the music production technique called auto-tune* is supposed to be all evil and stuff, and that the number one (ab)user of it, T-Pain, is supposed to be some kind of anti-christ, but I think that the new I Am T-Pain [iTunes Link] app for the iPhone and iPod Touch looks wicked fun. It’s from Smule, the same company that made the Ocarina app I almost used on the Uncle Phil Show this morning, and Mashable has a nice write-up (which also includes the video I’ve embedded above).

What do you think, Fivers? Would you play around with this just for the sheer fun factor?

*Read more about auto-tune at Anil Dash’s site and at And if you haven’t seen an episode of Auto-Tune The News yet, be sure to check out this one.