Worst Father of the Year Photo Blows Up on Flickr

I’m absolutely geeking out about the response to this photo of mine on Flickr. It depicts what I think has to be one of the funniest moments of my summer. What you see is what it looked like when my brother-in-law and I took my daughter Kaylee on her first big girl ride at Story Land in Glen, New Hampshire. She had seen the ride on the way into the park and had laughed giddily each time she saw someone rocket down the flume’s big drop. So, I don’t think you can blame me for thinking that she was ready to ride the ride herself. Can you? I mean, seriously, we asked her, and she didn’t hesitate at all. She was into it from the get-go.

And, really, she enjoyed the heck out of the ride until she got wet at the end. Even during the drop, there was no crying (despite the look on her face). It wasn’t until we got splashed that she freaked out.

The story behind the photo: I knew where the camera was, so decided to play it up. Alex thought we weren’t going to do that, so he didn’t react. And Kaylee… well, she reacted the way that any three year old on her first flume ride probably would.

I felt guilty for a moment, but then, once I saw the photo, I couldn’t help but laugh. And nobody I’ve shown it to has felt differently. They’ve all gotten a kick out of it, too. And someday, I’m sure that Kaylee will too.