The Beatles - A Remastered Rock Band

Today marks a big day for Ye Olde Fab Four, The Beatles. A special version of the smash video game Rock Band called, not surprisingly, The Beatles Rock Band, has debuted, making me crave the presence of a game system in my house that much more. And that’s not all! Today also marked the release of The Beatles Remastered, Rediscovered, a box set (also available as single discs, I think) containing remastered versions of all 13 Beatles albums.

Yes, I’m disappointed that the music of John, Paul, George, and Ringo has not yet made it to iTunes (at least not their music as a group). But I’m not above ripping CDs if someone wants to buy me that box set. I remain a huge Beatles fan—I was psyched that it was them vs. Star Wars in this year’s GF5 Tournament, a real no-lose situation—and can’t wait to hear the new, cleaned up audio.