ESPN’s 23 Most Memorable Michael Jordan Moments

In anticipation of Michael Jordan’s induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame, ESPN has ranked the 23 most memorable MJ moments of all time.

The Michael Jordan moment I recall the clearest is a moment that will never make the list, so I’ll share it here instead. On the afternoon I broke up with the girl who I “dated” during my senior year of high school, but who I never so much as kissed—on that spring afternoon, Michael Jordan un-retired for the first time, returning to the Chicago Bulls after a long time away. I remember turning on the TV in my grandmother’s living room—she lived and still lives just upstairs from my parents—and hoping that the game would cheer me up. And it did, even though the Bulls lost.

Were you/are you an MJ fan? What’s your favorite moment from his career?

[Thanks to Kottke for linking this up.]