PIxar Plot Details - Cars 2 and Toy Story 3

Plot details have leaked for both the soon-coming Toy Story 3 and the eventually-coming Cars 2, Pixar’s first sequels since the late 1990s.

The news about Toy Story 3 indicates that we’ll be getting a fairly dark tale that picks up on the themes first brought up in Jessie’s backstory in Toy Story 2:

Supposedly the catalyst to set things in motion is that the toys are thrown away by Andy’s mom after he heads off to college…

The news on Cars 2 is a bit more upbeat:

The story sees Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson), his pit team and new pit boss Mater head around the world for the Race of Champions, to take place in five different countries and involve the champions of different disciplines like Formula One and rally driving… But all this racing is not the only focus. Mater, who we know [...] is prone to exaggeration, gets involved in a “Hitchcockian” case of mistaken identity [...] and becomes embroiled in a huge spy thriller. Only no-one believes him.

Regardless of how dark or light the movies might be, I’m still dying to see them. How about you?