Katey Sagal to Get LOST Again?

Katey Sagal’s Helen was one of the best things to ever happen to John Locke on Lost, both in terms of Helen’s impact on Locke’s life within the story and in terms of how Sagal made Locke-centric episodes bearable to watch for me as a viewer. When we learned that she had died—or had she?—in last season’s “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham,” I was definitely sad. So, the news from DarkUFO that she will be returning in season six was awesome to hear. Apparently, she’s trying to convince Darlton to bring back Julie Bowen’s Sarah too. And more Julie Bowen—I was a huge Ed fan back in the day—is always a good thing.

And, speaking of Lost, there is also news that we’re going to see in-flight 815 action again, we’re going to get more of Locke in the wheelchair, and we might be seeing Jughead again, too.

I fell behind on the Lost rewatch, but I’m catching up. And that’s the only thing that’s making the wait until January anything less than excruciating.