Twisted Disney Princesses by Jeffrey Thomas

From time to time, we here at Geek Force Five like to highlight the twisted work of artists who are re-imagining classic characters in creepy ways. You may remember Anthony Jones’s Super Mario Noir or ~silentsketcher’s Fast Food Mafia, or even a previous piece on re-imagining fairy tale princesses that featured the work of Dina Goldstein and Brittany DeWester. But I think our latest find, from Jeffrey Thomas (by way of Geekologie and ComicsAlliance) is the best of the lot.

The twisted version of Cinderella I’ve embedded a detail of above is only the beginning. Thomas’s other reinterpretations include Alice, Mulan, Jane, Pocohontas, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine, Snow White, Ariel, Beauty, and the absolutely fabulous second image I’m going to embed below, Nala (from The Lion King). The women I mentioned above all look fierce as all hell, but nothing beats a bloodthirsty lioness flanked by a grumpy warthog and a rabies-infected meerkat.

Which is your favorite, Fivers? Let’s have us a vote!