Dr. Horrible to Sing-Along Again! But What about Penny?

In his article on the return of Dr. Horrible at this year’s Emmy Awards ceremony, Cinema Suicide’s Bryan White asks a very important question: “[D]idn’t Felicia Day’s character die?”

The clip I’ve embedded above is full of yuks, but Bryan’s question is the thing I’m thinking about most in the aftermath of my first viewing of this. Was Day appearing in character there (and, if so, was it her ghost, or did Doc Horrible come up with some way of resurrecting her?) or was she appearing as herself to do the brief bit about it being an honor to be nominated? That is, was this clip in-continuity or not? I must know!!!

Dr. Horrible’s creator Joss Whedon confirmed rumors of the supervillain’s return back in August, but details remain sketchy as far as I can tell. And the most important question of all, the one about Felicia Day, remains, as yet, unanswered.