Trent Reznor and Gary Numan to Make Music Together?

PHOTO: Trent & Gary Shaking Hands on Flickr by M.NINE CC BY-NC-SA

According to The NIN Hotline, Gary Numan and Trent Reznor might be making music together in the near future. Nine Inch Nails fans will know that Reznor and Company covered Numan’s “Metal,” and hardcore fans may have even gotten to see the pair play together during the Wave Goodbye tour this summer.

I confess that I know next to nothing about Numan—I love his song “Cars” and almost bought a 90s album that he did that featured artwork by comic book illustrator Joseph Michael Linsner, but never got around to it—but I think this collaboration could be awesome for both performers. Any Numan fans out there want to dispute that? Or any NIN fans, for that matter?