Build Your Own Roller Coaster, Then Ride It—Only at Epcot

I remember that, back in the day, during my first trip to Walt Disney World in Flordia, there was this computer simulator at Epcot Center which allowed park guests to design their own roller coaster and then to watch a computerized version of themselves ride the ride. I recall not getting a chance to play with it that first time, and really aching to have a go at it during Disney vacation #2. I don’t remember if I ever got to play with the thing—It was definitely gone by the time I went to Disney the third and fourth times, the time I still have solid memories of—but I do know that part of that longing to design my own ride is in me still. And that’s why the news that Disney has opened up a do-it-yourself thrill ride at Epcot has so sparked my interest. My wife and I have been talking about going back to Florida ever since we left there at the end of Spring Break 1999, and I am dying to give this a whirl. Because, you see, this actually takes what I experienced (or didn’t experience) as a kid and moves it to the next level. You don’t just watch a computer simulation this time around—this time around, you actually ride the ride.

Thanks to Geekologie for linking this up.