The 2012 Trailer, Minus The CGI

As Best Week Ever points out, “this video is practically ancient by internet [sic] standards,” but that doesn’t make it any less fun to watch. Minus the computer graphics, this still looks like it’d be a fun movie to see, albeit an unintentionally funny one.

BWE suggests that this version be called “John Cusack Sh*tting Himself,” and I think that’s a pretty good title, but what it gets me wondering about is whether or not Cusack has a sense of humor about such things. For instance, if he watched this, and he shit himself while watching it, would it be a good shitting of the self or a bad shitting of the self? That is, would he be shitting himself laughing or shitting himself in humiliation (the doing of which would, of course, lead to further humiliation)? I wonder…

Oh, and speaking of John Cusack, have you checked out Torch Songs: For the Lloyd Dobler in everyone… yet? You should!