Nine Inch Nails on the FRINGE

I haven’t been avoiding the television series Fringe on purpose—that, my friends, would be stupid—but I’ve just never gotten around to watching an episode. That, dear reader, may be about to change. You see, I’m a huge Nine Inch Nails fan, and I’ll check out pretty much anything related to the band at least once. And now, according to Entertainment Weekly, NIN’s Trent Reznor has contributed an alternate version of the song “Zero Sum” to the Powers That Be at Fringe for the low, low cost of absolutely zilch. That’s right, Reznor re-recorded the vocals to the song (to make them Fringe-specific) and handed over the completed track for free. “No, no, I just want to have fun and be part of something cool,” was apparently the response that Trent gave when he was offered payment.

Very cool.

Also cool: this trailer for a fan-made DVD of NIN’s performance from Webster Hall earlier this year. NIN fanatics will remember this as the show that featured the first-ever live performance of the album The Downward Spiral in its entirety. And this DVD, the result of a relaxed camera policy instituted for the final string of shows, has apparently been so well-received by the people inside the NIN camp that it’s brought Trent Reznor out of Twitter retirement. His retweet of Rob Sheridan’s announcement of the trailer was only his second tweet since the middle of July (when he gave up the service due to constant harassment by trolls).

Just when you think you’re favorite band is done making news for the foreseeable future (NIN is done touring, possibly forever, and Reznor just got married), a day like this come around. Awesome, awesome, awesome.