Comics Coming to iTunes and More

Comic books might be coming to iTunes in time for the fabled Apple Tablet’s release, according to articles from TUAW and MacNN, and this is one development that would get me to pick up an Apple Tablet for sure. If this thing was a big iPod, an “essentials”-type portable computer, and an e-book/e-comics reader all rolled into one—man, that would be something. I understand Cali Lewis’s frustration with the recent offerings from Cupertino, but I think we may all be treated to something massive and awesome come next year. That’s just a hunch. This Apple Tablet is, I think, going to change the game as much as the iPhone did.

In other comics news, Joe Quesada is saying that the Captain America movie is “very unexpected, the kind of movie it is” and that it will set up a future Avengers flick in “a fantastic way.” So, that’s exciting. But, for me, even more exciting than that is watching Jim Lee draw while he shoots the shit with Stan Lee. I’m a sucker for fly-on-the-wall videos of creators doing what they do, and I wish more of my favorites would do stuff like this. There’s a section in Gary Vaynerchuk’s book Crush It where he talks about the different social media platforms available to us, and I think a lot of artists and writers could get huge mileage out of things like YouTube and Ustream (as Gary suggests).