First Photo of the Apple Slate!!!

Does the fabled Apple tablet finally have a name? According to TUAW, a New York Times editor referred to the “impending Apple Slate” in an off-the-record chat. It sounds like an Applesque name to us, and we liked it so much that we decided to mock-up what we think it’ll look like (see above).

TUAW had something else interesting waiting for us in our Google Reader this morning, too. They brought news that Amazon’s Kindle software is coming to the Mac. They tempered this news with a concluding sentence that read, “we can’t forget that if Apple delivers a tablet computer it could put Amazon into direct competition with Apple,” but I’m doubtful Apple would get into the ebook market themselves when they could just partner with Amazon and be done with it. Comics, maybe. But not books. They partner with people—Google for maps, for instance—when they need to, and I see that as the path this time around.

In other Apple news, Apple is apparently going to spend $4 million on Chicago subway station renovations. This comes to us from AppleInsider, who also claim that Jobs & Co. have “earned the right of first refusal to name the public transit stop.”

How long until we have an iCity to go with our iPods, our iMacs, and our iLives?