Lilith Fair Returns in 2010

"Anybody that’s back there—y’all come on out and join us. We’re gonna have a hootenanny."

Maybe I knew before yesterday that Lilith Fair was coming back next year, but, if I did, I’d forgotten. And that’s crazy, because some of my favorite memories of concert-going in the late 1990s were from that “celebration of women in music”. I never got to see the Indigo Girls jam that I’ve embedded above—I think that was because the Indigo Girls were big enough in New England to fill ampitheaters on their own and therefore were never on the bill at Great Woods—but I got to see loads of awesome stuff. I saw Sarah McLachlan, of course, and Letters to Cleo, and maybe Shawn Colvin and Emmylou Harris. I can’t remember the rest. I do remember that they were diversifying in the latter years of the festival, and I can’t wait to see what kind of acts they’ll have this time.

Dates haven’t been announced yet, but Boston is among the first batch of cities they’ve announced. And I’ll be there for sure, hopefully alongside Stephanie, and maybe even alongside Kaylee if they don’t charge an arm and a leg for a four year old.

And of course, learning about this a day before today’s ultrasound, I couldn’t help but wonder if hearing news about an estrogen-filled music festival might be an omen that the baby growing in Steph’s belly is a girl. Maybe it was meant to be that I, a guy who dig’s chick music, would be the only man in a house full of girls. We’ll see.