Dungeons & Dragons - Powered by Google Wave?

I think Ars Technica’s sub-headline from their article on this subject sums things up beautifully:

Give a bunch of computer geeks a new medium to play around in, and you could probably guess that the first thing they’d think to do with it is… no, not that, we’re talking role-playing games.

Now, I’ve never played a roleplaying game online—unlike Wyatt at The Spirits of Eden, who writes that he “can’t stand the real-life option generally,” I really miss the days of yore, when I got to sit around a kitchen table playing a game with a bunch of friends—but I can totally see the appeal of using a system like Wave to play a game. I’m far away now from all of the people I’d probably play games with, and it would take something like Wave to get us started again.

But what about you? Have you ever played a table-top game in on a virtual table-top? How did it work out?

[Thanks to the good folks at Slashdot for linking this up.]