The Mountain Goats Cover Ace of Base

I found this clip of The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle covering Ace of Base’s “The Sign” through Patton Oswalt’s Facebook page, and I think it’s pure genius. Listen as Darnielle explains how he was an Ace of Base fan as a kid, and then have your faith in humanity renewed (or destroyed, as the case may be) when he gets the entire crowd to sing along to “The Sign”.

I gotta be honest: I bought that album on CD from Circuit City back in the day. I was with my mom and my brother, and John was mortified to be seen in public with me at that moment. At least that’s how I remember it. But maybe I’m just projecting because I’m mortified to be admitting that out loud right now, and even more mortified to admit that I still have the album tucked away in a dark corner of my iTunes library, and that I’m kind of itching to hear it right now, especially that track about Snow White or Sleeping Beauty or whatever damn princess that was.