V is for Visitors

by Anna Goncalves

In case you missed it last night, the television Series V premiered at 8pm on ABC.  Watch a clip for yourself to get an idea of the series that is expected to be the biggest hit of the season

High expectations?  Absolutely!  Not only is it a remake of a classic that aired over two decades ago, but it’s also the last new television series that will premiere this fall!  But that’s not all—the series must also keep the viewers hungry for more following their big break.  V will air during the month of November, but it won’t be coming back until March 2010, following the Olympics.

I don’t know… I kind of already approve of the leader of the Visitors, Anna.  But then again, of course I would.  However, my approval goes beyond the character’s name and distinctiveness.  Just think: Anna and her alien visitors share their medical technology by bringing universal health care to planet Earth.  Really?  I guess it takes aliens to get the job done.