In their write-up of the new Sherlock Holmes trailer, Ain’t It Cool News talks about how it highlights “the Holmes/Watson bromance many of us have suspected for a while.” But me, I’m more interested in the scope of the film on display here. This is a much bigger-budget film than I imagined. It seems as though the construction of the Tower Bridge plays a part, and that a fight might take place there. I’m a sucker for historical films, even those films that get their history wrong, and it’s this stuff, rather than the bromance that’s got me giddy.

This stuff and Rachel McAdams, of course. She is walking that line between love interest, antagonist, and foiler rather well in my humble opinion. (And she ain’t hard to look at either.)

What about you? What, if anything, has you excited for Sherlock Holmes? And do you, like me, have trouble avoiding the misspelling Sherlocke every time you type it lately?

No? I guess I’ve just been watching too much Lost.