Now It’s Really IMAGE UNITED

Jim Lee was my favorite Image founding partner, and so, as excited as I’ve been for Image United, I haven’t been nearly as excited as I would be if it were a true reunion of all the founders. Jim Lee, you see, is off at DC, drawing their big guns when he bothers to draw anything. All of the characters he created back in the Image days are now DC property, as far as I can tell. So, there was no real way for him to get involved.

Until now! Just this week, Jim posted a pencil version of his very own variant cover to Image United #1 (I’ve included a detail of it above) over on Gelatometti. Newsarama then picked it up as an “exclusive”. And now, here I am, geeking out over it myself.

The drawing is busy, to be sure, and you can only kinda-sorta tell what the heck is going on, but it’s awesome to see Jim drawing in this universe again, even if his own characters aren’t involved.