No Permanent Vacation for Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler joined the Joe Perry Project on stage on Tuesday evening and, before launching into “Walk This Way,” announced that he is not leaving Aerosmith, the band he’s helmed since the early 1970s. Rumors had been swirling in recent weeks that Tyler had quit, and my friends, knowing that I’m an Aerosmith nut, were sending me all sorts of links and such, practically demanding that I cover this story on Geek Force Five without actually demanding it. But when I say I’m an Aerosmith nut, I really mean it—I’ve read Walk This Way three or four times now—and any true Aerosmith fan knows that these guys, despite all their drama, are going to keep coming back together again and again until all of them are dead.

Joe Perry says the band will not wait for Tyler to return from his requested two-year hiatus to continue working, whatever that means, but I guarantee you what we’re going to get is a massive reunion tour in 2013 to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the debut album and they’re going to charge about $300 a seat and we’re all going to pay it.

That is all. Well, that is all, except that I have to say thank you to Steve Garfield for being the first to let me know what was up (via his Flickr stream).