Extended Trailer for James Cameron’s AVATAR

I’d like to begin by voicing a complaint. This goes out to YouTube users everywhere, but most of all to James Cameron: DO NOT POST VIDEO ON YOUTUBE AND THEN DISABLE EMBEDDING! If you don’t want people to embed your video, then don’t put it on fucking YouTube. Throw it up on Apple’s trailers page, and be done with it you absolute pains in my ass.

Okay, now that I got that out of the way, I’d like to direct you toward a pretty kick-ass extended trailer for Cameron’s next film, Avatar. I’d embed it above, but someone over at JimBoy’s company is a fucktard. So, in place of an embed, I’ve given you a screen capture of one of my favorite moments. And that moment, of course, is the moment where the aliens realize, “Fuck, human beings are lying, backstabbing pieces of shit,” which is my favorite moment of any movie really.

Ahem... Anyway. You should all know that I’m chuckling as I write this, because I’m not really as pissed off about this as I sound. And I’m actually kind of having a good day. But you can’t hold back the belligerent asshole inside yourself when he wants to come out and play. So, don’t even try.

[Via Ain’t It Cool News]