The SMALLVILLE Version of the Justice Society of America

I don’t remember when it was exactly that I stopped watching Smallville, but it’s definitely been a couple of years since I watched it on purpose. The other night, however, Stephanie and I stumbled across it while channel-surfing and decided to leave it on. And, much to our surprise, the episode was pretty good. It wasn’t good enough that the show is back on my appointment TV list, but it did get me wondering about what I’ve been missing the last couple of seasons.

Then, Newsarama had to go and post this trailer for upcoming episodes featuring the Justice Society of America, and now I’m itching to tune in again. It’s not that I’m the biggest DC Comics fan—I don’t know much about Hawkman or Green Lantern or Dr. Fate—but I do love me some special guest stars, and I’m always intrigued with the way that the producers of Smallville tackle the complex mythology of good ol’ Superman.

Have you watched Smallville lately? Is it any better or worse than it was a couple of years ago?