Vampires On The Loose!

by Anna Goncalves

Not too long ago—a week to be exact—I became rather intrigued by the idea of vampires, and yes, of course, Twilight.  But before you start judging, let me just say this: unlike the millions of Twihards out there, I don’t believe vampires exist nor do I wish they roamed the earth. 

Wait!  Hold the phone!  Girl gets bit on the neck by some stranger?  Apparently, that was the story Twilight fan, Erin Westrate, told authorities.  That’s right; this 17-year-old girl had claimed she got bitten on the neck following a screening of New Moon.  But just so you get the story straight: allegedly, this middle aged male not only said inappropriate comments to this girl as he sat behind her during the screening, but he also decided to lunge at her and bite her on the neck after the movie ended.  I don’t know about you, but this is some pretty funny, yet creepy stuff.  I’m not gonna lie, I was actually relieved I heard this story the day following my trip to the theaters to watch New Moon

However, this wasn’t true…the biting part, that is.  The girl didn’t get bitten—she got kissed.  Still creepy if you ask me, but not as much when the ‘victim’ is a “willing participant”.  Seriously, what is it with people nowadays?  And by people, I mean the girl! Why?!  Well, come to think of it, getting bitten by ‘vampires’ may sound rather kinky to some people.  This girl was obviously dreaming out loud.  And let’s be real, we all know she totally wished it was a bite.