Radcliffe To Bare All As HARRY POTTER?

Over the past week, Harry Potter fans have been treated not only to a glimpse at the first official photograph from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, but also to the news that Daniel Radcliffe—Harry himself—will be appearing naked in the next Potter film. The news came straight from director David Yates himself.

In one scene, “a horcrux [carrying a piece of Voldemort’s soul] defends itself by producing nightmarish visions, and one shows Hermione and Harry embracing and kissing,” explained Yates. “It’s something intriguing and sensual for Rupert to react to, and Dan will be bare for that.”

Fun! I don’t know about you, but the one thing I’ve always missed in the Potter series is Harry’s wang. Will it be as impressive as his wand? Only time will tell.

Unless you’ve seen Equus, of course. Then you can tell. So, do tell.

UPDATE (12.03.2009): Harry will be appearing naked not once, but twice! This is according to the fine folks at Mugglenet (who also have another official photo from the upcoming film).