Super-Powered Viking Destroys Chicago’s Soldier Field

The inciting incident of Marvel Comics’s 2006-2007 event, “Civil War”, was the destruction of Stamford, Connecticut (at the hands of a team of reality TV superheroes and the villains they were battling). But that was nothing compared to what they’ve decided to do to open up their 2010 crossover. That crossover, titled “Siege”, will open with the destruction of Soldier Field, the home stadium of Chicago’s football team, the Bears. And here’s the real kicker: the dude responsible for the destruction is a super-powered viking! The Minnesota Vikings, if you’re not already aware, are divisional rivals of the Bears in the NFL. Coincidence? I think not!

Thanks to Newsarama for linking up the Siege #1 seven-page preview, which totally and completely washed the bad taste of Image United #1 out of my mouth.