AVATAR Is Amazing? Was There Ever Any Doubt?

Since I’ve known what the heck it was, I haven’t really been worried that James Cameron’s Avatar would suck. But, apparently, a lot of others have been nervous. This week, it turned out, was the tipping point for a great many people. If the reviews were good, they’d go see it. If not, they might not.

For me, the first hint that this film might exceed all expectations came from an episode of The Totally Rad Show where the boys spent nearly a half-hour on the subject of Avatar‘s awesomeness. The second hint came in the form of a post from the GeekOut form by our old friend Buj, who wrote to let us know that Roger Ebert gave the film four stars. And the third and final hint came courtesy of my wife and daughter, who watched the trailer with me in awe last night. Neither is the hugest science fiction fan in the world—though I suppose Kaylee might grow up to be—but the story seemed to grip the both of them, as did the awe-inspiring visuals.

So, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Avatar is going to rule. Now the question is whether or not it’ll make bank at the box office and, if so, how much bank.