Alpha Predator with Swiftness

by Anna Goncalves

Deep down, we all know this is no laughing matter.  However, knowing our society and how the media operates, we can’t help but accept this as some sort of entertainment—well, sick entertainment that is. 

Shock doesn’t begin to explain our initial reaction to the cheetah in Tiger.  (I know…that’s an oldie by now, but definitely still a goodie).  Really, though, what’s the number now, 14?  Want to know what the sad part of all this is?  The fact that surprise is the last reaction we experience when referring to Tiger and his mistresses.  Although, the sadder part?  We kinda can’t help but presume that the number will continue to increase.

Now that you feel completely horrible for accepting this as your very own guilty pleasure, here are some of the funniest Tiger Woods jokes to make it all feel somewhat worthwhile.  Let’s face it; he deserves it.