2009’s 365Songs - 147-219

Well, the pop bubblegum whore in me certainly comes out a bit more in this set. Part of that is the obligatory four-song Michael Jackson tribute that happened during the week of his death, but part of it has to do with the weather getting nicer, the school year ending, and my stress-level lowering to its lowest point of the year. Sure, there are still bursts of Nine Inch Nails, but you are much more likely to find Peter Cetera and Ray Parker, Jr. in this set than in any other.

Also notable here (at least for me, as I look back): This is when there started being some days when I didn’t listen to any music at all, and where I had to pick a song from a TV show or a movie I’d seen that day. Frou Frou’s version of “Holding Out For a Hero” was probably chosen because we watched Shrek 2 that night, and Loudon Wainwright III’s “Daughter” was, of course, heard during a viewing of Knocked Up.