2009’s 365Songs - 220-292

Perhaps it’s because we’re nearing the home stretch, but many more songs in this fourth set are bringing back specific memories. The Joe Droukas cut is there because I saw him perform live in the living room of Ernest Thompson’s house on the eve of a weekend-long playwriting workshop. And the pop songs that appear directly thereafter—the songs by Taylor Swift, Jordin Sparks, Black Eyed Peas, and Miley Cyrus—are songs I heard two or three times a day during my commutes back and forth to the lakes region that weekend.

The block of ABBA comes from watching Mamma Mia way too many times with my daughter, who became obsessed with the film after watching it at Grammie and Grampie’s house one weekend. Likewise, the back-to-back Disney princess songs—“Colors of the Wind” and “Reflection”—are there because of the Disney Princess Sing-A-Long Songs DVD that was a staple in our house this summer.

My favorite song of the year—and one of my favorite songs of all time—“Love is Dead” makes its appearance in this set, too. I stumbled across it thanks to the iTunes Free Single of the Week program, and I played that damn thing so much I can’t believe it’s not higher on my top 25 most played songs of the year.

Let’s see… what else? Oh, there’s a string of songs I procured by rejoining eMusic.com for a few months, all stuff I’d been hearing about after becoming a regular listener of the Sound Opinions podcast—Kristeen Young, She & Him, St. Vincent, etc.—as well as a couple of tracks from The Beatles Anthology 3, an album I return to pretty frequently. And, finally, as we draw to the end of this set, there’s the first appearance of YouTube cover band sensation Pomplamoose, doing their version of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”. This marked the first of many times over the next couple of months when I’d find a great song on YouTube by total accident and then immediately have to have the MP3 in my collection.