2009’s 365Songs - 293-365

The final set of songs in my 365Songs playlist for 2009 is dominated by long block parties by a variety of artists. There’s everything from a Britney Spears block to an Ani DiFranco block to a block by Mike Doughty. There’s a block of Christmas songs near the end, and a heap of pop gems sprinkled throughout.

It’s the song the set ends with that means the most to me, though. During a piano karaoke evening at Studio 99 in Nashua earlier this year, I had the opportunity to sing an original song of mine (co-written by Andy Hicks of The Pluto Tapes way back in our days as members of Soma). And it’s that song, “Never Forget,” that rounds out this list.

It’s not a particularly complicated song, but it’s simplicity speaks to what I feel our approach should be to any year end festivities. The chorus goes like this: “I remember how much it hurt, how much I learned / I will never forget, never forget.”

Remember, but move on. But always remember.

Goodbye 2009. Here’s to a great 2010.