The Trailer for COP OUT Sucks A Couple Of…

It makes me incredibly sad to realize that the trailer for Kevin Smith’s next film, Cop Out, is completely devoid of funny. I mean, I didn’t laugh once while watching it. Not once. And this is coming from the guy who made View Askew films one of the five fingers of Geek Force Five’s inaugural fist when the site debuted two years ago.

Now, part of the problem might be that the script ain’t Kevin’s—some say that might be part of the solution, but I ain’t going there—but I think the larger issue here is Tracy Morgan. This trailer is all about Tracy, and if you don’t dig his shit then you are not going to be amused by the schtick here.

Infinitely more amusing than the movie itself—or, at least more entertaining than this trailer—is Kevin Smith’s account of how the film formerly known as A Couple of Dicks came to be called Cop Out.

Thanks to News Askew for linking this up, but I think I’m gonna sit this one out and wait for Clerks III in 2016 (or at least until Kevin gets back to his own scripts).