Why I’m Sold on the iPad

There are many, many reasons I’ll be picking up one of Apple’s new iPad devices as soon as humanly possible, but the first and foremost among them is the iBooks software featured in the image above. The Kindle, the Nook, the Sony eReader—because these things are single-use devices, and because they are black and white, they have never appealed to me. Now, give me an eReader with a color display that can also do all of the things I normally need to do when I’m away from the house, and I’m sold.

Truth is, I don’t need a traditional laptop anymore. I hate carrying the weight of one around, I hate how long it takes to boot up and log into (especially compared to my iPhone), and I hate how unintuitive it is for getting simple tasks done when I’m away from my home base. This thing, the iPad, it solves all of those problems. Here’s how:

  1. It’s a great Web browser. Sure, it doesn’t have Flash, but I don’t care! For nearly everything I need to read or do on the go, this is going to work perfectly.
  2. Its screen is big enough to really handle email. Don’t get me wrong: I enjoy looking at and responding to email on my iPhone. For short messages, it works great. It’s even fine for long messages, in a pinch. But when I’m on the road, email is one of the things I like to catch up on, and this device looks like it’ll be a dream to answer email on.
  3. Its screen is big enough to really show off my photos. Photos seem to load fast and look gorgeous. And I can totally see myself setting this down on a dock and using it as a digital photo frame when it’s not in use as something else.
  4. Movies, TV shows, and podcasts look amazing. I love watching things on my iPhone, but the bigger screen on the iPad would be a dream for longer trips. And I feel like I could hand it to my (nearly) four year old and let her watch movies on a car trip without issue.
  5. It’ll play music. Seriously, the only thing I need to be able to do multitasking-wise is listen to music while I’m working. And this can do that.
  6. It runs existing iPhone apps. Yes, I realize that some of them will look unbearably pixelated early on (the iPad scales the apps 2x to fill the screen) but, as developers implement new versions of their apps that can support both resolutions (iPhone and iPad), this is going to be awesome. Buy once, and use in both places!
  7. Its Notes, Calendar, and Contact apps look gorgeous and easy-to-use. And it can run Apple’s iWork suite of productivity apps if you choose to buy them (at $9.99 a pop).
  8. And, last but not least, it can act as a virtual bookshelf! As I said above, I’ve never been attracted to the Kindle or the Nook or any of the countless other black & white eReading devices. But I’ve always been attracted to the idea that I could hold a whole library’s worth of books on one device. The fact that this thing can read books, in addition to everything else—that’s what sells me.

Oh, and I almost forgot—the thing that really sells me is the price. The base model starts at $499 ($629 for a version that supports 3G connectivity). It’s basically everything I need in the way of a portable computer, and it’s almost as cheap as those cheap-ass, ugly-ass netbooks I see people carrying around and going ga-ga about. Throw in the optional keyboard, the nifty carrying case that can also act as a stand, and I am totally there. As soon as this comes out, and as soon as I can get the money for it, I’m buying one.

How about you?