The Muppets Are Back, Baby! (Or Were They Ever Gone?)

by Jon Frazier

New Releases this week include Jeff Bridges (by Jeff Bridges), a Patti Smith retrospective, and Barbara Streisand’s 34th studio album. So, yeah: I’m gonna review The Muppets, OK?

But these aren’t your mama’s Muppets. Or maybe they are. I’m actually too young to remember the original Muppet Show, but I’ve always loved the movies, and Miss Piggy’s Guide To Life sits next to The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People on my self-help bookshelf. I also love and support anything making a comeback, as The Muppets did with their new(ish) Web series. I’m genuinely excited (despite the crappy trailer) about the upcoming movie, The Muppets, penned by (and starring) Jason Segel.

The Green Album itself is actually a great standalone album, featuring covers of Muppet Show songs by artists including OK Go, Weezer, The Fray, and Sondre Lerche*. Some songs don’t even come across as Muppet songs, if you’re not paying attention. This is not as much a credit to the cover bands as it is to the great Jim Henson, Paul Williams, and the other Muppet Show songwriters. I recommend adding this album to your collection not just for the geek coolness, but because it’s a great album and will be featured in my best of the year list.

Go listen to The Green Album here, courtesy NPR’s First Listen**. Then, come back and comment on the album, and on whether the Muppets are making a comeback, or if they were ever gone.

*My only criticism of the album is that the lovely Zooey Deschanel is not featured, but I hold out hope for a second volume.

**I adore First Listen. Can I say that here? Can you do product placement for a non-profit organization?

Jon Frazier is a geek from New England.