XX +  XY = Excellence

Musically speaking, I’ve always favored the female voice over the male. I’ve never been able to put a finger on why that is, but a quick look at my Last.fm library will show that the acts I listen to most are predominantly fronted by women.

An interesting shift’s taken place over the past few year, though, beginning with my 2009 obsession with “Love is Dead” by The Lovemakers. I’ve become increasingly preoccupied with groups that combine both female and male lead vocals. Perhaps this was always destined to be—I was, after all, born during the year that the call & response of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham became a phenomenon—or perhaps not. All I know is that the Recent Albums playlist I keep in iTunes is currently dominated by The xx, Stars, How To Destroy Angels, the aforementioned Lovemakers, and Evelyn Evelyn (yes, they count).

Am I alone in thinking that this sort of dual frontperson look has become a trend in 2009-2010? Why do you think that is? And who are your favorite bands of this nature? I’m definitely on the lookout for new tunes to make my ears happy, so please drop a suggestion.