5 Things We Want Out of SMALLVILLE Season 10

I fell off the Smallville wagon round about season 7. The show, despite its flaws, managed to maintain its momentum and quality for me through the first five or six seasons, but mid-way through season 7 I just lost interest and gave up. It’s only over the past few weeks that I’ve caught up, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised where the show went. Season 7 got pretty good toward the end, season 8 was awesome except for when they continued to drag out the Lex and Lana storylines, and season 9 was excellent from start to finish.

With the tenth and final season set to get underway in a little under two months, and with season 10 teasers and spoilers beginning to leak out in the wake of San Diego Comic-Con 2010, I thought it would be fun to rattle off the five things I hope we get out of Smallville‘s final batch of awesomeness:

1. Flights
One of the cardinal rules of Smallville has been, “No flights, no tights.” They’ve found creative ways around this, including allowing an evil/uninhibited version of Clark to fly around season 3 or so, but I want the real deal. I want to see Tom Welling flying around Metropolis the same way we’ve seen his cousin Kara and all of his Kryptonian arch-rivals soaring. It’s the end of the series. It’s time to break the rules.

2. Tights
I’m also dying to see them break the rule about not showing him in costume. The idea of the show has always been to give us Clark before Superman, to show us the journey it took to get to the place we all know and love from the movies and the comics. Okay, I’m with you there. But, again, this is the final season. If he doesn’t don the costume before the last frame fades to black… well, then, Lucy, you got some ‘splanin to do! I mean, they’ve already show us the darned thing in a box. Have him put it on!

3. No Lex Luthor
It’s a problem of the film versions of Superman, and it was certainly a problem for Smallville until last season: Lex Luthor is the only recognizable villain in Supes’s rogues gallery. Nobody knows who the hell Solomon Grundy is, even if they wrote their dissertation on that Crash Test Dummies song from back in the day. But, you know what, Smallville found a way around that last season by introducing Zod, who we all kind of feel like we know, but we’re not sure why (he was in Superman 2). And I think they can do that again this season, without bringing Lex back into the equation. The rumor is we’re gonna get Darkseid as the villain. Now, I have no idea who he is either, except for a vague image of a dude with gray skin and a blue helmet who kinda looks like DC’s version of Marvel’s Terrax, but as long as the villain ain’t Lex, I’m satisfied.

4. No Lana Lang
For God’s sake, let us please be done with Lana Lang too. I loved her character for the first couple of seasons, but I loathe “Will they or won’t they?” storylines when we all know the Goddamned answer already. With Lana and Clark, the answer has always been, “No, in the end, they won’t.” Everyone knows he’s gonna get together with Lois, so dragging out the Lana thing again would be not just a single step backward, but about a dozen.

5. Batman and Wonder Woman
This ain’t gonna happen because of “rights issues,” but it should. They’ve brought every other damn superhero in the DC universe into this show—this season we’re apparently going to get Booster Gold and Blue Beetle for Christ’s sake—and I think that Bats and WW are really all that’s left. And it would make sense, too. Even if they were just cameos brought in to help fight Darkseid in some final battle. I mean, if they could put out a Superman film at the same time Smallville was still on the air, why can’t they get Batman on Smallville while Nolan is still making his Batman films? And Wonder Woman—do we honestly think that movie is ever going to get made? I didn’t think so! This “rights issues” bullshit just isn’t flying with me.

How about you? What would you like to see out of Smallville‘s final season?