Vacation Tips for Bloggers

Rule #1, I have discovered, is that an iPhone, however useful it might be for nearly every other task you throw it at, is not an ideal blogging device. Now, sync it up with a Bluetooth keyboard and maybe that makes a difference, but I wouldn’t know. I’m broke, and my only keyboard is tethered by USB.

So, given the realities of rule #1, what’s a blogger on vacation to do? Well, the obvious answer is to be prepared and have entries written in advance or to have guest bloggers lined up before you leave the office. But what if circumstances (or a demanding four month old baby) prevent that from happening?

Again, there’s an easy answer: bring a laptop. But do you really want to be that guy/gal? Sure, people might understand, especially if you’re lucky enough to blog for a living, but you’re on vacation. And, if nothing else, vacation should be about a change of pace. 

So, I’m going to advocate that vacation is a perfectly valid excuse to go out and buy an iPad. An iPad doesn’t carry the same workaholic stigma as a laptop, but it certainly allows for more productivity than an iPhone. You can use it on a beach chair and look like you’re just futzing around. You can take it to bed with you and curl up with the kiddos who need a parent around to get their overexcited bodies to calm down at the end of an intense day. And nobody is going to give you shit about it at all. Say you’re reading an iBook, or something. They’ll believe you. 


Excellent! Well, now I’m going to go read this to my wife and see if she lets me schlep on over to the Apple Store in South Portland to get myself an iPad for the rest of this week (which we’re spending with family in the wilds of Maine). Sure, we’re broke. But we’ve got a first- and a second-born child to mortgage, so…

Of course, here’s how she’s going to respond: “But you just wrote this on an iPhone, didn’t you?”

Sigh. Fucking logic.