On the Geek Girl Bill of Rights and Commandments

by Kara Kaloplastos

Today I reviewed the Geek Girl Bill of Rights and Commandments, a spoofy take on girl geekdom and what it means to be a female in today’s geeky subculture spectrum. Although I agree with some of the points mentioned, I don’t quite agree with the article’s stated purpose: the “need to guide [cheerleaders] into our culture” based on these girls’ recent discovery of nerd culture.

It seems to me that a true “geek girl” would never coach a mainstream girly-girl on how to become a geek. The reason that girls like us are a part of this subculture is because we are truly passionate about it. It is who we are. If we want to dye our hair purple and host a Star Trek marathon, it does not stem from any outside pressure, but instead from what we truly enjoy, and we’ll do it despite the protests and strange glances from our peers.

However, I do agree with other well-made points in the article. The “Bill of Rights” ranges from cute to somewhat feminist in nature. For instance, “I have the right to send angry emails to retailers that only offer geeky shirts in men’s styles and sizes” might warrant a couple laughs based on the truthfulness of the statement. On the other hand, statements such as “I can dress as any superhero I want without being touched, harassed, or being accused of inviting sexual advances” stays true to its geeky undertones while still promoting female justice.

Overall, this is a fun little article with a lot of valid points to leave us geek girls nodding and chuckling in agreement.

Via Skepchick